Sunday, August 10, 2014

Blue Ribbon Winners

Callie and Daphne competed in a very wet Children's Pet Show at the Newport Fair this year.  Even though it was raining there were still enough contestants in the show to make it interesting.  Our adorable duo won  second in "funniest trick", "best trained" and "costume" and first in "look-a-like" category.  A total of nine dollars in winnings, enough for a new dog toy, perhaps?  Callie had a great time, was very proud of her pup and made plans to enter again next year...but with a dog AND a cat.

Walking to the show...

 My Beauty Queens...

 Daphne also won third in the "largest dog" category...barely losing out to this big fella dressed as superman.  :)

 I might have been a little too involved!

 Finally, a successful "sit and stay" to a standing ovation from the audience (the bleachers were wet!)

A soggy and exhausted dog handler.

Strutting her stuff in front of a very jealous shih tzu.

A blue ribbon for the "look-a-like" category!

Daphne got dog treats and Callie got a snow cone!

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Friday, April 26, 2013

What a Character!

As Yoo-Hoo says, "Looky, looky, looky!"  I am finally posting Disney pictures!  (Let's not mention the fact that I skipped from August to March to do so.  Hopefully I can back blog and fill in the months in the middle sometime.)  I have spent LITERALLY HOURS going through pictures.  When I went to Europe for two months in college, I came home with about sixteen rolls of film.  I think that between my camera and Steve's, we have that beat from just six days at Disney.  I decided it would be best to divide the pictures up into categories or themes.  Today is "Characters!".  The characters at Disney were probably the most exciting part for Callie, although she also loved the rides which is another theme for later.  Mimi had an autograph book ready and I brought a Sharpie so getting to see as many characters as possible, without sacrificing all our time to lines, became the name of the game.  This goal was made easier by several character-themed meals.  We missed a few (mainly Merida, who had a giant line at all times since she is the newest Disney princess), but we will be sure to fill in the gaps next time!  Here is my little character getting to meet all her favorite Disney characters.

 Waiting patiently in line to see the White Rabbit, the first character we saw our first day in the parks.

So excited!

She got to see Alice on another day and was excited about that.  She recently went through a phase where she wanted to watch Alice in Wonderland every morning.

I love this look she's giving Daddy as she tells him all about Alice and how she liked the flowers on her sweatshirt!

Later that day, Callie got all "princessed up" and we stood in line to meet Cinderella before heading up to the dining room in her castle to meet other princesses over lunch.  Callie was tired already and was a little impatient with the line to see Cinderella!  I think she was expected a private dining experience with just us and the princesses!

 But meeting Cinderella took the tears away and was worth the wait!  

 As we got settled in and ordered our food, the other princesses started being royally introduced and making their way around to all the tables.

Blowing Snow White a kiss goodbye.  Any time Callie saw Snow White in a parade or show the rest of the week she would yell, "Snow White!  Over here!" and blow her a kiss!

Everyone signed the autograph book with the "authentic" signature for that particular princess.  These are some very well-trained princesses!  (But don't say that to Callie, she thinks they are real!)

But there was one princess that was the most anticipated.  Callie made regular eager checks across the dining room to see if Ariel was getting close to our table.

 And when she started walking to us, Callie got so nervous that she hid!

 Here's the money shot!  Meaning:  here is what made the whole trip worth the money for Mimi and Yoo-Hoo!

 And probably this one too!  I do believe Yoo-Hoo is blushing a bit!

 My favorite was Tiana.  I was almost giddy getting to meet her and I thought she was the most exquisite of them all.  The pictures don't do her justice.  She had the sweetest southern accent and her gown was gorgeous!  And she gave Callie lots of big, feet off the ground, hugs.

 Callie spelled her name out for Tiana when she was introducing herself which the Princess got a big kick out of .

After we left, Callie said, "And mommy, she sounded just like the movie so that means she is real!"  Good enough argument!
Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty and Rapunzel had their own meeting spot in the park with lines that were never shorter than an hour.  Fortunately, they also had fast passes for seeing them so we were able to get one of those and shorten our wait to about 15 minutes.  Callie got to meet Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty again but most importantly, she got to meet Rapunzel!  Callie is watching Tangled right now, as I write the post.  She watches it several times a week.  She varies it up by watching it in different languages.  Today's choice is Spanish!  

It's important to get your curtseying lessons from a genuine princess!

 ...and your twirling lessons!

Running to meet Rapunzel!

 A discussion of hair was inevitable.  Callie is growing hers now and showed Rapunzel how long it was getting!

I think it is Daddy who is blushing this time!!!

No mention of characters would be complete without including probably the most interesting one in all the park that day.  If you look to the center back of this picture you can see an 18 year old girl dressed like Cinderella.  And in her hands is a Tiana gown.  And next to her, in the blue shirt with the big bag, is the faithful mother and probably her biggest enabler  fan.  We watched this girl in line and I snuck this picture of her.  From eavesdropping on conversations they were having with people around them, they were using this opportunity to get senior pictures.  She was getting her senior pictures done standing next to the princesses she was dressed like.  And, by the way this poor disillusioned girl pranced around, she was pretty confident that she was the fairest of them all.  Unfortunately, we did not get to see her actually with Cinderella or I would have been taking pictures of that too!

No, I'm not done yet.  There are many more characters to go and even some more royalty.  So, refill or renuke your coffee, take a potty break and then read on...

 Waiting in line for Jake, spending some quality time with Daddy.

 She was much more excited about seeing Jake than I expected!  She's such a well-rounded Disney fan ;)

 Standing in line to meet Goofy and Pluto, watching Goofy being goofy!

 She was very excited to see Pluto as well!  And intrigued by the fact that neither Goofy or Pluto talked.

 It wouldn't be Disney without Mickey, Minnie, Donald and Daisy!  A dinner at Chef Mickey's gave us one opportunity to visit with these beloved characters.

 Blowing kisses to Mickey!

 I was amused by the characters awkward maneuvering of sharpies (in order to not mark their white gloves) and autograph books.  And yet they all managed to sign the signatures "authentically".
 (Pluto had to prop the autograph book up on his nose to see it.)

Goofy was a bit of a flirt!

 Hangin' with Daisy...

 ...and dancin' with Daisy.

 Callie hasn't seen Mary Poppins yet but she still enjoyed meeting her and dancing with the penguin.

 Callie hugged Tigger but passed right by Pooh.  She said he was too big and scary!

 If you don't have a young girl then you probably have no idea how important the Disney Fairies have become.  We got to meet Rosetta and Tinkerbell.  We saw Terrence (Tinkerbell's little boyfriend) pass up in the park but were never able to meet him and Callie was disappointed about that!  Again, maybe next time!

 Not sure what kind of "pint-sized" discussions were going on here...

 Tink fluttered right up to Callie in line and then taught her the fairy method for sneaking up on people and surprising them.

Our final evening was spent having dinner with Cinderella and her family at the Grand Floridian.  Callie got a special early birthday surprise from Aunt Miss and Uncle Scott before dinner started.  She now has her own set of mice (Gus-Gus, Jaq and Mary) and Lucifer (the step-mother's cat).  She especially loves Lucifer!

Thank you Aunt Missy and Uncle Scott!

The step-sisters particularly enjoyed Lucifer and were by our table frequently to pet him or fight over him.

They put on a great show.

Callie also enjoyed watching them act disgusted and afraid of the mice!

The step-mother WAS a little frightening!

But Cinderella was happy to see her mice friends and Callie was very eager to show them to her!

And the perfect way to end this post is with picture of my little princess dancing with Prince Charming.  I have to admit, I teared up a little.  Every time they played the waltzing music, she hopped up and was first in line to dance with him.  It was adorable!

 Look at that proud and excited face!

More Disney pics to come...whew!